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"Your LDS Supplies Connection"
"Your LDS supplies connection"

We always provide the newest books to your customers, want to have the newest stock available in store so customers can get products faster and cheaper rather then ordering from the states.

Over 20 Years of Faithful and Dedicated Service

"Your LDS Supplies Connection"
Keystone Books has been in business since 1992, serving as an official distribution center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are also the sole distributor of several other religious publishers in Lethbridge to the various LDS communities in our area. Therefore, no other bookstore around has the same inventory or can provide the learning material to enhance your spiritual growth as efficiently as ours can. None of our competitors can make this claim.

We're More Than Just A Book Store

"Your LDS Supplies Connection"
  • Embossing of Books
  • LDS Material in Both Visual and Audio Formats
  • Art Pieces, Jewellery and Music

Your LDS Supplies Connection

"Your LDS Supplies Connection"
At Keystone Books we want to distribute products that support people who strive to follow a religious or Christ-centered lifestyle. Let us help you discover new ways in serving God and your fellow man.

Contact us Toll Free at 1-888-537-7323 (LDS-READ)

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